Drawer magnet lock

Drawer magnet locks, magnetic cabinet locks or drawer magnets for all security solutions, whether it be for domestic or commercial use. In simple terms, the drawer magnet can be used to keep a drawer or cabinet secure depending upon how they are set up during installation

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Drawer magnet lock

Drawer magnet lockDrawer magnet lockDrawer magnet lockDrawer magnet lockDrawer magnet lock

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Drawer magnet lock

Total Price:37.96 (45.55 inc VAT)

12/24v dc surface mounted drawer magnet or cabinet lock. Ideal for securing drawers or locker cabinets etc. Simple to install and can be operated via a keypad, fob reader, exit button or key switch

Holding force: 55kg
Magnet weight: 0.060kg
Armature weight: 0.010kg

Suitable for: Single drawer or cabinet lockers, wardrobes or any similar unit

Power input: 12v dc or 24v dc option
Holding force: 55kg (120lbs)
Current draw: 100ma @ 12v dc - 50ma @ 24v dc

Magnet size: 95l x 37w x 41d mm
Armature plate size: 76l x 41w x 21d mm
The magnet is running very warm, almost hot
'Power to Lock' devices such as magnetic locks can run warm as they require constant power to them, however, the most common causes of this are the magnet is 12v dc operation, but the power supply is 24v dc
Electrical resistance in the circuitry will create heat but if the power supply is providing insufficient amperage then the magnet will feel hot
Also, if there is a current drop because of a long cable run with an inadequate wire gauge, the magnet will not get sufficient current and will run hot

The armature plate is vibrating
This is due to either a faulty or under rated power supply, or the magnet is 24v dc operation and the power supply is 12v dc

The magnet does not lock, the door can be pulled open quite easily
The most common cause is incorrect alignment of the armature plate to the magnetic lock, a faulty or under rated power supply, or the magnet is 24v dc operation and the power supply is 12v dc

Armature plate alignment

Tech Tips
This magnetic lock will operate via 12v dc or 24v dc, however, please ensure you check the wiring connections correctly for use with a 12v dc power supply or 24v power supply before you turn the power on
If you fail to check this, then you run the risk of either the magnetic lock running very hot or it not locking correctly
Eventually you will cause damage to the system you have installed
Periodically clean the surface of both the magnet and armature plate with light oil
1 x Magnetic lock
1 x Armature plate
1 x Fixing kit

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