Fire alarm board - AC-FAB

Fire alarm board - AC-FABFire alarm board - AC-FABFire alarm board - AC-FAB

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Fire alarm board - AC-FAB

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The AC-FAB (Fire Alarm Board) is an add-on module for the AC8001/2 PC Access Control System designed to provide a fire alarm and alarm signal output via the AC8000 software. Certain features will require an RFID keypad and locking device fitted with door monitoring contacts

It has a simple software interface that can be configured to your own requirements supporting one manual Normally Open trigger input for a fire alarm system, four timer relay outputs from 0 - 6000 seconds, all providing Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts that can be connected to external sounders or flashing beacons, four standard triggering options and six triggering options that can be programmed to activate one or all four relays

It supports and registers via the software an emergency threat PIN code (Keypad is required for this), if the door is open too long, door forced open, invalid card used, fire alarm and forced lock
How easy is it to set up/install?
Easy, just plug the fire alarm board into the AC8001/2 control board and activate the 'Peripheral Control' via the AC8000 software's EXTENDED FUCTION facility

How many doors will it control?
One AC-FAB per control board, so if you have two control boards/systems then you will require two AC-FAB's
The following items:
1 x AC-FAB fire alarm board

1 x Connection cable

Size of fire alarm board: 158l x 43w x 15h mm

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