Relay IFR13

Relay IFR13Relay IFR13

Relay IFR13

Total Price:13.68 (16.42 inc VAT)

The IFR13 double pole 5amp relay can operate from a wide range of triggering voltage inputs both AC and DC from 10 to 32V DC or 8 to 24V AC

Simple to use and can be used as a fire alarm auxiliary relay for access control systems

Voltage input connection is non-polarity conscious - How easy is that?

Output voltage free change over contacts

Operating voltage: 10 to 32V DC. Cut Link if Voltage is above 18V DC or 8 to 24V AC. Cut Link if Voltage is above 14V AC

Output: 1 x Changeover voltage free relay contacts
Contact rating: 240VAC 30VDC @ 10A

Size: 40h x 80w x 30d

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