TC365 Time clock

TC365 Time clock

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The TC365 Time clock is a simple to program time clock with automatic daylight saving time correction. It offers 6 programmable time zones and can operate from a wide range of input voltages (AC or DC)

Ideal for any access control application


Input Voltage: 9 - 28V DC, 7 - 20V AC
Input Current: 10mA (Relay off) 45mA (Relay on)
(30mA and 70mA With Backlit Display)
Output: Changeover Relay contacts
Contact ratings: 120VAC / 24VDC @ 2A
Settings: 6 Time Zones. These can be set to operate daily, weekdays, weekend and individual days or switched off
GMT/BST: Automatic Operation
Backup: On board battery backup will keep time and time zone settings for > 100 hours

Size: 80 x 73 x 20 mm
What can this be used for?
It can be used for any access control application that you wish to control the timed opening of a door for the likes of regular courier or postman deliveries etc. Simple to use and simple to program

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