Timer/delay/latching relay TR1L

Timer/delay/latching relay TR1LTimer/delay/latching relay TR1L

Timer/delay/latching relay TR1L

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The TR1L timer/delay/latching relay is a simple to use, highly versatile relay. The timer relay can operate over a wide range of supply voltages (9-28V DC, 7 - 20 V AC). LED indication is used to show the state of the relay contacts

Timer Relay
Delay Relay
Latching Relay

Simple to use with volt free inputs for an exit button for example or voltage inputs from an access control system - how easy is that?

Voltage input connection is non-polarity conscious - And how easy is that?

Output voltage free change over contacts

LED indication of relay state

Operating voltage: 9 to 28V DC or 7 to 20V AC
Input Current: 3mA (Relay off), 45mA (Relay on)
Output: Changeover relay contacts
Contact ratings: 120V AC/12-24V DC @ 3A
Trigger Inputs: Clean contact
(N/O or N/C) selectable
Operate when voltage applied / removed selectable
Timer Range: One range, 0.25 to 15 seconds adjustable using potentiometer

Option 1:
Operate when trigger applied

Option 2: Delay operation until after the preset time and only if the trigger signal remains

Option 3: In Latching Mode, the relay will turn on with the first trigger signal. It will then remain on until a second trigger signal, which will turn it off

Size: 15h x 75w x 45d

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