TDIM - Two door interlock relay

TDIM - Two door interlock relayTDIM - Two door interlock relay

TDIM - Two door interlock relay

Total Price:19.52 (23.42 inc VAT)

The TDIM Two door interlock relay will allow for one door to remain locked whilst the second door can be un-locked and vice versa. Under no circumstances can both doors be un-locked at the same time

Ideal for low risk areas such as two door bathroom suites to two door offices using standard lock releases and mortice reed switches with exit buttons or key switches operating entry & exit to high risk areas using monitored DS magnetic locks with either keypad or key fob operating entry and exiting

Simple to use and small enough to fit inside a standard power supply

Operating voltage: 12v DC

Output Capability: Double door interlocking
Operating temperature: -20 - +70c

Size: 15h x 60w x 69d
What items do I need for this?
Two x locking devices that have door monitoring contacts providing Common & Normally Open/Closed volt free contacts, a 2amp 12v dc power supply, exit button/s or keypad/s for entry and exit

Do you supply the locking devices?
We have several types of locking device which could prove confusing to list out every possible combination, however, any locking device is fine, but they will need a set of Common & Normally Open/Closed volt free contacts. If they don't, then you can buy such door contacts from any electrical supplier and fit them independently of the locking device (Much like a set of house alarm door contacts)

How does the TDIM work?
The circuit board works upon the status of the 'Door Contacts' to determine if the door is open or closed. When one door is open, the other will not open from the outside until the first door is closed and vice versa, hence the need for door contacts

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