Audio entry system

2 wire door entry or door intercom system allowing you to communicate with your visitor without the need to physically open your door (Locking device is required for this facility)

With the addition of extra intercom handsets, you can then have intercom facility between each entry handset
Audio entry system

Audio entry systemAudio entry systemAudio entry systemAudio entry systemAudio entry system

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PS5 power supply

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Audio entry system

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TR1 relay (+12.95 ex VAT)
PS5 power supply (+39.00 ex VAT)
TR1 relay & PS5 (+51.95 ex VAT)

Audio entry system with vandal resistant slim line (Architrave) door entry panel and gloss white slim line audio entry handset

A very stunning single zone audio door entry system that only requires 2 wire for connection and has up to a 200 meter operational range

General Functionality:
Multi handset facility:
You can have up to 4 handsets connected. Additional handsets can be found in the Accessories section here Accessories

Mix and match facility:
The Prestige audio entry system will allow you to 'mix & match' with all of our Prestige video entry systems

Multi door panel facility:
You can have up to a maximum of 4 door panels connected in total with the DBC4A1 unit which can be found in the Accessories section here Accessories

Intercom facility:
If you have more than one audio handset or video monitor in the building/apartment/house/office then you can communicate with the other units
(This is a standard feature supplied with all DJ4 handsets)

Please read the additional information provided in the remaining tabs above to familiarise yourself with the item to ensure it is suitable for your requirements
Standard installation drawings
Standard installation drawings

Cable distances
Cable distance information

Door panel
Audio entry system manual

IP 55 rated
Single button surface mounted 1.5mm Zinc Alloy metal
Led indication for audio and lock release function
Call button reassurance tone
Crystal clear audio
2 x relay lock release outputs for 'Power to un-lock' (Additional TR1 relay is required for 'Power to Lock')

Door panel size: 137h x 49w x 28d mm

Audio handset
Handset manual

Gloss white in colour
Door open button x 2
Intercom button

Handset size: 187h x 97w x 33d mm
Please refer to the 'Specification & Manual' tab where you can download all standard drawings and up to date manuals

What are all the additional item option boxes for?
The TR1 timer relay board is required for any system that will be connected to a 24v dc lock release or 24v dc magnetic lock. The relay also allows for a 'timed' exit button facility which is required with any magnetic lock installation

The PS5 power supply is required if you wish to add any additional items to the system such as extra monitors, door panels or 24v dc lock release or 24v dc magnetic locking devices. The standard supplied PS4 power supply is not powerful enough to facilitate any other additional item

What are the cable requirements?
The Prestige audio door entry system can operate on CAT5/e, alarm or telephone cable but for best results you should use 1.0mm-1.5mm stranded twisted pair cable, especially if you have a rather long cable run. Whatever cable type you choose, it MUST be non-shielded and twisted paired
You can download the Cable Distance file here Cable distance information

There are two methods of cable installation. Old style 'Loop in/out' (Daisy chain format) or standard 'Star Topology' (All cables run to a central point) Star Topology requires a DBC4A1 4 way distributor for every 4 x audio handsets. The DBC4A1 4 way distributor is also required if additional door panels are installed. The DBC4A1 can be found in the Accessories section here Accessories

How many door panels and audio handsets can I have?
You can have a total of 4 x door panels and 4-8 audio handsets for each system but you will require 1 x DBC4A1 4 way distributor for the door panels and 1 x DBC4A1 for the audio handsets. Whilst the DBC4A1 is a universal unit, you cannot have for example, 2 x audio handsets and 2 x door panels connected to the same DBC4A1 unit

Rule of thumb is: 1 x DBC4A1 for multi door panels and 1 x DBC4A1 for 4 x audio handsets (If the audio handsets are cabled in the Star Topology format)
The DBC4S and all other additional items can be found in the Accessories section here Accessories

Locking devices - What type of lock release can I use?
The audio entry system can support any type of locking device you choose, however, this might require additional items to be purchased over and above the standard systems' basic specification. The door panel will support any standard 12v dc 'power to un-lock' lock release that must be rated at no more than 350ma

If the lock release is rated at more than 350ma then you might require an additional power supply such as our PSB 1amp 12v dc power supply. The supplied booklet will show you connections for using an external power supply

24v Lock release or 12v - 24v dc Magnetic lock
If you require to use the system with a 24v dc lock release or 12v - 24v dc magnetic lock then you will require the upgraded PS5 4.5amp power supply and also the TR1 relay which can be ordered by using the 'Option' check box above

Electric or automated gate
If you require to use the system with an electric or automated gate that requires a typical Normally Open trigger
Please download the installation drawings here Standard installation drawings which will show you
1 x DJ4 audio handset
1 x Door panel with rain hood cover
1 x DPS power unit
1 x PS4 - 1 amp power supply

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