AC8000 Door reader - SR2-W

AC8000 Door reader - SR2-WAC8000 Door reader - SR2-W

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AC8000 Door reader - SR2-W

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The SR2-W proximity card reader is a compact, weather resistant proximity card reader using Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format that will work with our pc access control systems or any other pc access control system using EM-RFID proximity card or proximity key fob

It is not a self-contained card/fob reader

SR2W Setup & Connection
AC8000 Brochure

AC8000 Setup Guide

SR2W Setup & Connection

Main features
Epoxy resin filled for enhanced weather protection
ABS plastic body
IP rating: IP66, weather resistant
LED indication
Colour: Black
Voltage: 12v DC input
Current: 40mA
Reading range: 20mm - 60mm
Card type: Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format
Fitting: Surface mount
Unit size: 103h x 48w x 20d mm
Cable tail size: 430 mm

Internal or external use with the AC8001/2 PC access control systems only
Can I use this card reader with my existing system?
Only if your existing system is a PC based access control system using Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format. It is not a standalone unit that can be used for any other application

How can I tell if I have a Wiegand, Mifare or any other system format?
Wiegand format is based on using the 125Khz frequency which tend to use EM/HID cards/key fobs. Mifare format is based on using a 13.56Mhz frequency. The manual or supplier of your system will confirm this

Can I use my own swipe cards with this card reader?
If they are Wiegand 125khz 26 bit EM-RFID format, then yes you can in conjunction with our PC access control systems
1 x SR2-W Card reader

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