Video entry door panel - 601/KP

Video entry door panel - 601/KPVideo entry door panel - 601/KP

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Video entry door panel - 601/KP

Total Price:125.00 (150.00 inc VAT)

Additional or replacement 601/KP door panel for any of our Prestige 2 wire video entry system

Do please read the FAQ's in case you need additional items
Standard installation drawings
Basic system connections

Connection to a gate controller

Multi monitors with 'Looped cabling'

Multi monitors with 'Star cabling'

Connection to our access control kit with lock release

Connection to our access control kit with magnetic lock

Connection to a standalone magnetic lock

Cable distances
Looped cabling

Star cabling

Door panel manual

IP 54 rated
Single button surface mounted 1.5mm brushed stainless steel with touch screen keypad, rain hood cover and a colour 1/4 ACS 4T Image Sensor with DSP processor camera with ARS 105 degree wide view angle
3 x White LED's for enhanced night time vision
Led indication upon pressing the call button
Call button reassurance tone
Lock release reassurance tone
Crystal clear hands free audio
1 x relay lock release output
40 x PIN user codes

Door panel size: 176h x 90w x 23d mm
How to add a PIN code

How to undertake a full reset

How many door panels can I order?
You can have a total of 4 x door panels for each system

You will require a DBC4A1 4 way distributor and also the PS5 power supply
Both items can be ordered via the Accessories section here Accessories

If this is for replacement requirements only, then you will not require any additional items

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