PC access control system

PC access control system

PC or computer based access control system that can operate 1 or multi door installations
The AC8000 PC based system allows you to monitor access/exiting through a number of doors with the software operating from Windows XP - onwards

Microsoft Database as standard or SQL or drop it in a 'Cloud' for multi access

Simply add your choice of door reader & locking device, connect the main control unit to a PC, laptop or dedicated router, install the free provided software and it's as simple as that

You can expand your system at any time by adding additional control cards and door readers as and when required via the below sections

Locking devices can be ordered here on this link:- Magnetic Locks
Exit buttons can be ordered here on this link:- Exit Buttons

All manuals and drawings can be downloaded by clicking on the respective 'Specification & Manual' tab for each product

AC8000 brochure

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