Access Control Installation

DoorEntryOnline Ltd can offer an installation service for a majority of our access control and video entry systems. We do not undertake the installations directly, however, should you require any of our items to be installed by an experienced company then please drop us an email and please include the postcode area. We will then pass your details on to a nominated approved company who will contact you directly - unfortunately not all areas can be covered

A majority of our products have an 'FAQ's' section that might be of help if trying to install such equipment yourself, a 'Tips' section (where required), a 'Specification & Manual' section where all manuals and drawings can be accessed as well as a 'Video' section to make life easier

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Who to employ?
Please employ someone who knows exactly what they are doing, and by this, we mean a door entry/access control company or electrician who have proven experience
Without proven experience, then it is possible that a cheap and poor installation will result in damaged equipment and ultimately cost you more money in the long run

The following information will save you lots of expensive and annoying time wasting
Please note: Our systems are easy to install, however, most of the time it will be much easier to get a qualified installer to install them rather than do it yourself. You will need quite advanced DIY skills to do it successfully, and unfortunately, we can't talk you through installing the system

Do not: Install any cabling before you have chosen a system unless you are upgrading an existing system then please let us know first of all. Certain access control equipment will require sepcific cable requirements

Do not: Install any new equipment on existing cabling until you can be 100% certain that the cabling is perfect. Many customers have found an old system not working, then order a new system to be installed on existing cabling only to find out that the cabling is at fault

Please check existing cabling for all short circuits and partial grounding first of all

Please download the drawings and manuals we provide within the 'Specification & Manual' tab for each system and if in any doubt, just email us for help

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