12v dc 7amp Battery

Total Price:15.95 (19.14 inc VAT)

12v dc 7amp rechargeable sealed lead acid battery suitable for all access control systems
Voltage: 12v dc Re-chargeable battery
Amps: 7amp

Size: 152l x 64w x 94h
How long does a 7amp 12v dc battery last?
A basic access control system will run for anything up to 12hrs on a 7amp battery, however, it ultimately depends on the size and type of system you have as well the usage of it

You can roughly calculate this yourself by adding up the power consumption of all the items, for example 1 x magnetic lock (500mAh) and 1 x keypad (50-130mAh) operating on 12v dc consumes approximately 630mAh per hour. 7/0.630mAh is just over 11hrs

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