Access Control System

Fob reader access control system with magnetic lock release, metal exit button and power supply. Fob/card access control
SR2 reader is for internal or external use
Don't forget we have an 'FAQ's' section with drawings and manuals in the 'Specification & Manual' tabs below

Access control kit 16 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 16 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 16 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 16 - With proximity card reader


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12v 7amp battery (+15.95 Excluding VAT)
10 x Blue key fobs
10 x 0.8mm Printable Cards

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Access Control kit 16 is a proximity key fob access system with magnetic lock release, exit button and power supply for standard proximity key fob access control requirements, access control for home, access control for office or any other access control solution

Specification & Manual
Specification & Manual

Connection drawings

SR2 manual

Magnet lock

'ZL' bracket installation

Magnetic lock
12/24v dc surface mount slim line mini magnetic lock 600-S
Power input: 12v/24v dc selectable via internal jumper links
Holding force: 272kg (600lbs)
Current draw: 500ma @ 12v dc - 250ma @ 24v dc
Magnet size: 250l x 42w x 26d mm
Armature plate size: 185l x 38w x 12d mm

Break glass switch
Surface mounted green emergency break glass reset switch with clear protective cover supplied with 1 x reset key
Single pole with double output for C/NO/NC connections
Size: 90h (To the lowest point) x 88w x 56d mm

Exit button
Surface mounted with a 2mm stainless steel facia, large exit button and Alloy surface mount back box
IP66 rated for external use
Surface mount
Changeover contacts (C/NO/NC)
Size: 85h x 85w x 42d mm

SR2 proximity card reader
Compact, weather resistant multi-function card reader that can be used as a self-contained programmable access control card reader providing proximity entry for up to 1000 users, (998 common users and 2 panic users) or as a standalone Wiegand output card reader for PC based access control systems
PIN access is also possible via the remote control unit for the Administrator and all user data can be transferred from one unit to another within 3 minutes (Maximum connection is 9 units)

Main features
Manual and remote control programming
Epoxy resin filled for enhanced weather protection
ABS plastic body
IP rating: IP66, weather resistant
LED x 3 indication
Colour: Black
Voltage: 12v-24v DC input
Current: 40mA
Reading range: 20mm - 60mm
Card type: EM-HID cards and/or key fobs
Card capacity: 1,000
Relay outputs: 1 x 2amp with N.C and N.O contacts
Wiegand output: Yes
Exit button input: Yes
Fitting: Surface mount
Unit size: 103h x 48w x 20d mm
Remote control size: 85h x 32w x 5d mm
Cable tail size: 430 mm

A) All features are manual or remote programmable
B) Non-volatile memory in the event of a power failure
C) 3 x LED display indication status

Power supply
Ivory white cabinet (Small)
Switch mode 13.8 volt dc regulated output 1amp power supply
Additional battery charging output
Battery deep discharge protection (Electronic)
LED Indication for mains input, DC output & battery charge/low charge
Multiple cable entry point
Size of power supply: 225h x 195w x 75d mm


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Weather resistant, see our water test

How to add a card or key fob

How to delete a card or key fob

How to reset all the SR2 default settings. This does not delete existing Master Add/Delete cards, user card or key fobs

How to replace Master Cards. This does not delete existing user card or key fobs

FAQ's & tech tips
FAQ's & tech tips

Is the lock release for external use?
If in direct line of rain then no, the lock connections must be concealed to avoid weather damage

Can I use the SR2 card reader outside?
Yes, it is IP66 rated and totally protected against dust and protection against heavy seas, or powerful jets of water

Will the SR2 card reader use any standard Wiegand RFID 125 khz card or key fob?
Yes it can use either

Do you program cards or key fobs via the SR2 card reader?
Yes, it's so simple to do. The SR2 card reader is supplied with a Master ADD and a Master DELETE card for this. It's also supplied with a remote control which is ideal for the deletion of lost or missing cards or fobs
NB: It is advisable to make a note of the Unique ID (U.I.D) 10 digit number printed on the cards or fobs

What happens if I lose the Master ADD and Master Delete cards?
Don't panic!, but you will need to reset the SR2 card reader to replace them. You can use any cards or key fobs you like to create a new Master ADD and Master DELETE card. You will not lose any previously programmed cards or fobs by resetting the unit - The reset procedure is detailed within the online manual

How do I delete cards or key fobs if I have lost them?
You can delete cards or key fobs in two ways, the first is by physically having the card or key fob and use the Master DELETE card, or if you have lost the card or fob, you can use the remote control by entering the U.I.D 10 digit number

Can I use two SR2 card readers to access and exit a door?
Yes if you wish, just buy an addtional SR2 Here

If I wanted two SR2 card readers, can I program the same card or key fob to activate both units?
Yes, you can actually connect up to 9 x SR2's together and upload the user information from the first SR2 to all additional SR2 readers. Please refer to page 6 of the manual we have for download that will show you this

Can I operate my automatic gate with this?
Yes, please refer to the drawings we have for download that will show you this

What cable do I need?
You can use any cable you like for this, we suggest using 3 paired or 4 paired standard alarm cable that you can purchase from any local electrical or DIY store

Tech Tips
This magnetic lock will operate via 12v dc or 24v dc, however, please ensure you check the wiring connections correctly for use with a 12v dc power supply or 24v power supply before you turn the power on
If you fail to check this, then you run the risk of either the magnetic lock running very hot or it not locking correctly
Eventually you will cause damage to the system you have installed
Periodically clean the surface of both the magnet and armature plate with light oil

Supplied with
Supplied with

1 x SR2 card reader, Master Add & Master Delete cards and remote control

10 x EM-RFID blue key fobs

1 x DRBSS02S-PTE stainless steel exit button (Surface mounted)

1 x Magnetic lock release with adjustable ZL brackets (Fail open, power required to lock)

1 x Emergency break glass resettable switch with protection cover

1 x 12v dc power supply

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