Electronic drop bolt EB180

Electronic drop bolt EB180

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Electronic drop bolt EB180

Total Price:105.66 (126.79 inc VAT)

EB180 - 12/24v dc flush mount solenoid bolt - monitored

Auto time locking from 0-9 seconds

Flush, vertical or horizontal mount

The monitored option simply means that the door status can be monitored to determine and confirm if the door is open or closed. Inside the drop bolt is a set of voltage free Hall Effect contacts providing Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts (N/O & N/C)

With these contacts you can connect them to a sounder, buzzer, alarm system, light or anything else that would require a voltage set of free contacts to trigger the device when the drop bolt and the catch plate is separated

Ideal for aluminium, steel or timber inward or outward opening doors or double swing doors for vertical or horizontal installation

Power input: 12/24v dc fail safe (Power required to lock)
current draw: 900ma @ 12v dc when activated
Time delay: Auto lock time delay 1-9secs

Size: 210l x 25w x 38d mm

Weight: 0.6kg
How does a drop bolt operate

How to NOT test a drop bolt

Due to the initial 'Pull in' current draw of the unit, it is recommended that you use a 2amp 12v dc or 1amp 24v dc power supply

Periodically clean the surface of the drop bolt and catch plate, however, do not lubricate or oil the drop bolt

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