Electric lock release M1UA

Electric lock release M1UA

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Electric lock release M1UA

Total Price:20.59 (24.71 inc VAT)

12v dc fail safe lock release (Fail open lock release - power to lock, lock release) with an adjustable jaw catch which is ideal for ensuring precise alignment between the release jaw and the door locking snib
Lock style: Fail open (Power required to lock)
12v dc Coil impedance: 30 ohms
Current consumption: 360ma
Holding force: 300kg
Supplied with: Both mortise and surface mounted face plates
Tested to 500,000 cycles

Size: 160h x 25w x 31d mm
Surface mount (Rim face plate fitted as standard) or flush mount (Mortise face plate supplied) fitting with a conventional Night Latch or mortise night latch
Mortise and surface mounted face plates

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