Glass door bracket for the armature plate

GDB-U600 Glass door bracket

GDB-U600 Glass door bracketGDB-U600 Glass door bracket

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GDB-U600 Glass door bracket

Total Price:15.41 (18.49 inc VAT)

The GDB-U600 is a glass door bracket for magnetic locks fitting to glass doors of **10mm up to 15mm thick to accommodate the armature plate of our mini magnetic lock & double mini magnetic locks

If using double mini magnetic locks you will require two of these

Suitable for: Glass door without glass header - Outward open
Mini magnetic locks
Double mini magnetic locks

Mini and double mini magnetic locks only
Magnetic lock 10001
Magnetic lock 10002
Magnetic lock 10004
Magnetic lock 10005

** On glass doors of 10mm to 15mm thick to accommodate the armature plate of the magnet
** The GDB-U600 glass door bracket provides spacers for 12mm - 15mm thick glass

Size: 180l x 38h x 24w mm
How does the bracket fit to the glass door?
It fits via the supplied grub screws - no holes are required to be drilled in to the glass. There is also a 1.5mm rubber seal provided to protect the glass. It is advisable to use glass adhesive in addition to prevent the bracket from moving
1 x Glass door bracket cradle to fit to the glass door in order to accommodate the armature plate

1 x Spacer plate

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