Glass door & glass frame kit - Outward opening

UBK300-1, 300L & GDB14

UBK300-1, 300L & GDB14UBK300-1, 300L & GDB14

UBK300-1, 300L & GDB14

Total Price:44.65 (53.58 inc VAT)

The UBK300-1 kit is a full glass door and glass frame bracket kit for the 10001/2 single magnetic lock and 10004/5 double magnetic lock for outward opening glass door and glass framed units

If using double magnetic locks you will require two of these

Outward open doors

Suitable for:
Mini and double mini magnetic locks only
Magnetic lock 10001
Magnetic lock 10002
Magnetic lock 10004
Magnetic lock 10005

On an outward opening glass door with glass frame of 10mm to 14mm thick
1 x UBK300-1 cradle to fit to the glass door frame in order to accommodate the magnetic lock 'L' bracket

1 x 'L' bracket that fits to the above UBK300-1 cradle

1 x GDB14 cradle to fit to the glass door in order to accommodate the armature plate of the magnetic lock

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