Electronic drop bolt EB300

Electronic drop bolt EB300

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Electronic drop bolt EB300

Total Price:119.52 (143.42 inc VAT)

EB300 - 12v dc surface mount solenoid bolt

Auto time locking from 0-9 seconds

Ideal for aluminium, steel or timber inward or outward opening doors for horizontal installation

Power input: 12v dc fail safe (Power required to lock)
Current draw: 900ma @ 12v dc when activated
Time delay: Auto lock time delay 0-9secs

Size: 160l x 55w x 35d mm

Weight: 1.1kg
How does a drop bolt operate

How to NOT test a drop bolt

Due to the initial 'Pull in' current draw of the unit, it is recommended that you use a 2amp 12v dc power supply

Periodically clean the surface of the drop bolt and catch plate, however, do not lubricate or oil the drop bolt

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