Access Control System

Keypad access control system with lock release, exit button and power supply. PIN & card/fob access control
Keypad is for internal use only
Don't forget we have an 'FAQ's' section with drawings and manuals in the 'Specification & Manual' tabs below

Access control kit 2 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 2 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card readerAccess control kit 2 - With proximity card reader

Access control kit 2 - With proximity card reader


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12v 7amp battery (+15.95 Excluding VAT)
10 x Blue key fobs
10 x 0.8mm Printable Cards

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Access Control kit 2 is a keypad/proximity key fob access system with lock release, exit button and power supply for standard PIN/proximity key fob access control requirements, access control for home, access control for office or any other access control solution

The lock release is compatible with a typical Yale or similar rim or mortice latch which you will require. It is not compatible with a deadlock locking device

Specification & Manual
Specification & Manual

Connection drawings

Quick programming guide

Keypad manual

Lock Release
Lock style: Fail locked (Power required to un-lock)
12v ac/dc Coil impedance: 30 ohms
Current consumption: 760ma - 900ma
Holding force: 300kg
Supplied with: Both mortice and surface mounted face plates
Size: 160h x 25w x 31d mm

Exit button
Surface mounted plastic exit button
Single gang surface mount
Changeover contacts (C/NO/NC)
Size: 85w x 85w mm

Digital keypad K401-I
12v-24v DC fully featured self-contained high security digital keypad, proximity card and key fob reader manufactured from vandal resistant electroplated Zinc Alloy - ideal for internal use
A cost effective '3 in 1' keypad with a huge specification providing PIN, key fob or PIN & key fob access
4 - 6 PIN with #

Main features
Rain hood: No, not required
Input: 12v-24v DC input
Current rating: 50ma
IP rating: No, internal use only
Keypad: Back - lit blue illuminated button keypad
Back box: Vandal resistant electroplated Zinc Alloy with 330 mm cable tail
User codes: 1000 User codes and/or key fobs or cards for relay 1
Card or key fob: The keypad uses standard RFID proximity cards or key fobs
Relay outputs: One, maximum relay output @ 3amp with N.C. & N.O. contacts
Relay output timers: One from 1 second to 99 seconds
Exit button input: Yes
Fitting: Surface mount
Size: 120h x 76w x 25d mm
Cable tail size: 330 mm

A) All features are keyboard programmable
B) Non-volatile memory in the event of a power failure
C) 3 LED display indication status

Power supply
Ivory white cabinet (Small)
Switch mode 13.8 volt dc regulated output 1amp power supply
Additional battery charging output
Battery deep discharge protection (Electronic)
LED Indication for mains input, DC output & battery charge/low charge
Multiple cable entry point
Size of power supply: 225h x 195w x 75d mm


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How to add a user PIN

How to add a key fob or card

How to delete a user PIN, key fob or card

How to change the Master code

FAQ's & tech tips
FAQ's & tech tips

Can the keypad be installed outside?
We'd not recommend it as it should be installed within a porch area or under a canopy and certainly not in direct line of rain

Is the lock release for external use?
If in direct line of rain then no, the lock connections must be concealed to avoid weather damage

Is this system easy to install?
This will depend upon your experience, however, it is not too difficult, neither is it difficult to program the keypad. There are drawings for this in the "Specification & Manual" tab

Can I have two keypads, one for entering and one for exiting?
Yes if you wish, just order an addtional keypad Here

What cable do I need?
You can use any cable you like for this, we suggest using 3 paired or 4 paired standard alarm cable that you can purchase from any local electrical or DIY store

Tech Tips
It is advisable to periodically clean the keypad facia to prevent ingress of dirt or general grime which will accumulate between the buttons and could cause the keypad buttons to become "Sticky". This is common with all mechanical moving parts and more so dependent upon the installation area and general usage, however, regular preventive maintenance will ensure long lasting operation of the item

Supplied with
Supplied with

1 x Electric lock release (Fail locked, power required to un-lock)

1 x K401-I digital keypad with up to 1000 user codes

10 x EM-RFID blue key fobs

1 x PB1 plastic exit button (Surface mounted)

1 x 12v dc power supply

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