PC access control board - AC8002

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Additional PC access control board for the AC8001/2 computer based access control system. You can of course use the control board as a two door control system if you already have your own 12v dc power supply - Please ensure it will fit

The AC8002 PC access control board is TCP/IP using Windows operating system XP, 7, 8 & 10, including Windows Server - Tablet, laptop or desktop

The AC8002 PC access control board is a single door control system allowing you to monitor and control access/exiting of a door - ideal for clubs, offices, schools, gyms and so on. A simple and expandable system for future use

Plug 'n' play set up, via a router for a Local Area Network (LAN), internet connection for Wide Area Network (WAN) or if you do not have any of this, then just plug the controller directly into your computers Ethernet port - it's that easy

It can manage up to 20,000 users

Up to 100,000 offline transactions can be stored in the event of a power failure (Battery back-up is required in the event of a power failure)

Please read the additional information provided in the remaining tabs above to familiarise yourself with the item to ensure it is suitable for your requirements

Size of control card: 183l x 118w x 33h mm
Please allow at least 10 mm either side for cable connections
AC8000 Brochure

Connection drawings

AC8000 Setup Guide

Control board:
Two door TCP/IP access control providing access monitoring (Entry/exit), 20,000 users, 100,000 offline transactions, time & attendance, timed profiles, real time monitoring, fire alarm input, multiple reports, keypad operation, instant lock out, instant adding/deletion of users, anti tail gating and so much more

Size of control card: 183l x 118w x 33h mm
Please allow at least 10 mm either side for cable connections
What operating system can the software use?
The system is Windows based from XP onwards and up to Windows 10, including Windows Server for multi user operation

How easy is it to set up/install the software?
Easy, the software works with any version of Microsoft Windows operating system and can be operational within 15 minutes

Is the software an extra cost and does it incur annual subscription?
The software is part of the system at no extra charge and there is no annual subscription at all

Can the software use SQL?
Yes, by default the software uses Microsoft Database, however, using SQL is very easy to do. Page 63 of the AC8000 Setup Guide will show you Here

Can I plug the controller directly in to my laptop as I do not have a router?
Yes, you can. An Ethernet cable is required and you just plug it into the controller and in to your computer - away you go

LAN connection via a router is the most common setup for small networks. WAN (Wide Area Network) is via internet access outside of the typical network you might have. For this you would require Port Forwarding via your router - all common routers have this facility

The AC8000 Setup Guide will give you an idea on how to do this Here

Can I configure a multi door system as you only have 1 and 2 door control systems available?
Yes you can, simply by adding extra access control cards and card readers to your order. You would simply connect the additional control cards to your router or hub and add the control systems into the software

How many control systems can I add?
There is no limit because it is LAN/WAN connection

Can I use a card reader as an exit device in place of an exit button?
Yes, you can use either or both

Can I use a finger print reader?
Yes you can. We do not supply finger print readers but we can provide instructions on how to do this and it is very simple. Please email us for this

What cable distances can the card readers operate to?
The card reader/s should be no more than 80 - 90mtr from the control board

What cable do I need?
We would suggest between 6 core and 8 core shielded twisted pair alarm cable at the very least or quality cable such as Belden 9536 shielded cable for best results. Do NOT use CAT5/6 cable for the card readers. The operational distance will be minimal and interference can occur

Does the control board and software monitor who enters the door and who exits the door?
Yes it does as long as you have a card reader for both entry and exit

I have some existing cards/key fobs, will they work with this system?
It's not possible to confirm because there are several formats of cards/key fobs. Mifare cards/key fobs will not work with our card readers as they are Wiegand 125khz EM-RFID readers, however, if you have Mifare card readers then the software will recognise them and will allow you to use your Mifare cards/fobs

Where do the control cards fit?
They are supplied with self-adhesive sticky pads and you simply fit them yourself inside the power supply

Do I need the PC on all the time, and what happens in the event of a power failure?
No, you do not need to have your computer on all the time. The control board will retain up to 100,000 transactions for offline use - it will then overwrite the first transaction in the event that you do not "UPLOAD" the transactions to your computer

You would require battery back-up if a power failure occurs otherwise the system will not work

Can I fit a battery in the power supply cabinet?
Yes you can, depending upon how many control cards you have in one power supply cabinet
The AC8002 computer access control board is supplied with the following items:
1 x AC8002 two door pc access control board

The AC8002 control card is NOT supplied with:
Card readers (Optional)
Exit button/s (Optional)
Lock release/s (Standard or magnetic lock/s are optional)
Power supply (Optional)

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